1999 Honda Civic Ex

Update 2019-07-05 – Life goes on, and so it is that she was sold. She was fun to drive and I had many good years with her.
Update 2017-05-24
– I have not updated this is quite a while and alot has been done. As my daily driver I have driven her to another head gasket change. I am really debating of whether or not I should sell my civic but I think I may. After 2012 I had not done much but I have more pictures of what she looks like. Held up pretty well but sadly once the gasket is changed again she is going up for sale. If I cant get what I want though I may keep her, who knows…
Update 2012-12-29
– It’s been a crazy year! After replacing the head gasket and the studs with ARP studs I figured I would do some more mods also. I had my dads shop paint the bumpers and front lip. I added JDM style fog lights and tinted windows. And the best part are the heated leather seats from an Integra. Oh and did I mention the rear wing?
Update 2011-10-05 – I decided to strip out the computer setup I had. It was very cool but it started to become very impractical. So I wound up putting in a Pioneer AVIC receiver Double Din with NAV. Basically a multimedia center that had everything that I needed without the headache and it sounds awsome! Also so far no problems with the eBay Turbo. I can tell you that it runs pretty nice on the highway when trying to climb hills. Due to the heat generated by the turbo I will be replacing the radiator to a GodSpeed all metal one. I was noticing that the coolant was boiling out causing slight overheating issues. Since stock radiators just plain suck ass it was time for a new one. guess where I got it?? you got it right  eBay!
Update 2009-11-02 – Well I finally got her finished. I uploaded some pics of the engine with her new turbo. I may have some issues with the Blow Off Valve because it does not sound right so we shall see I may get a new one. Other than that the bumper does not fit because of the turbo but she is back in the business of getting me back and forth to work so I am happy 🙂 Also pretty soon I will be making a How To with pics for the noobs that cant figure out how to install one to a stock motor.
Update 2009-10-12 – I got some new pics, although she looks dirty. So far I got the some of the wood kit in and while I was working on the dashboard stuff I took the cupholder from a 98 and put it in cuz I like the flip down lid (It looks nicer). I also started to put some of the turbo stuff together so I added some more pics let me know what you all think about the wood and the project. I cant wait to take her home.
Update 2009-09-28 – I ordered a turbo so It should arrive soon. I just got a question for all you guys out there. How far can I boost with my stock cam and ECU for now? Also later on I wanna change my stock cam. I’m not sure what brand and what stage to buy. I am not looking to race if anything my horsepower needs are 300HP Max. I am gonna be running low boost for now.Until I get a CAM and injectors and chip for ODBII. I would love any comments and especially suggestions as I am new to this. Thank you all in advance.
Update 2009-09-20 – I got all the pictures up and deleted the crappy ones. Check it out let me know what you all think. The leather seats covers are actually comfortable. 🙂
Update 2009-09-18 – I finally got some really nice factory looking leather seat covers that look awsome and hard to tell if the car came factory with leather or not. Tomorrow I will post them up so you can all see the Ghettoness.
She has been with us since 2004… Ghetto as Ghetto Can Be And I am not ashamed of it. 🙂 I like to call her my “The Ghetto Sleeper”. She has a D16Y8 and I am looking to improve the Ghettoness. I bought some new wheels and lights. My dad polished the hell out of her. Thank You!!! Pretty nice huh? ^^^^^
Let me know what you all think of her.

List of Things Removed:
-Dell Pentium 4 2.0ghz Desktop Computer System Running Windows XP

-Green Strip Mood Lighting Around The Console (Will Post Pictures If wanted)
-Generic Cool Angel/Halo Eyes Headlights

List of Things Done:
Interior Mods
-Leather Seats
-Leather Console
-R Type Shift Boot
-Alpine Premier AVIC Double DIN NAV Head Unit
-Custom Made 12′ Kicker COMPVT Bass Box
-Generic Walmart Bass Amplifier (integrated into my custom Bass Box)
-OEM Style Rear Spoiler
-OEM Front Lip With JDM Fog Lights
-Polish (Special Thanks to STN Autobody of Pennsilvania)
-Generic Cool Pep Boys Rims
-Generic Cool Altezza Tail Lights

-Turbo – Generic EMUSA Turbo
+My Philosophy is like overclocking a computer. Get the most you can from what you have. But don’t push it if you cause problems in the end.
-Generic Whale Penis CAI
-Generic CAT Back Exaust With Stock Muffler
+CAT Back Exaust Kit Contained “Fart Cannon Muffler” This Muffler was launched into the dumpster as I hate noisy cars. CAI noise is enough!

Pioneer Double Din NAV Multimedia Center

List of things to do:
Engine D16Y8
-Rebuild another Sleeved and built D16Y8 from the bottom up. This will replace the my current setup.
-Generic Cam Gear And Shaft
-New Bumpers
-Stock Muffler Tip (Cat Back Was Done & Fart cannon was launched into the garbage. Why fellow ricers have these fucking noisy things on their cars is beyond me. It does not make you go faster. For me silence is golden)
-Paint Bumpers
-Carbon Fiber Hood And Trunk
-Finish The Wood Kit
-Full Time OBD Interface (On The Fly Diagnostics)

Very Rough. BEFORE Circa 2008

Ready For Sale: 2017

Beginning of a Sleeper: AFTER the Mayan Apocalypse of 2012

Before the Mayan Apocalypse of 2012:

How I made it fit to keep my A/C

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