LCARS VB.NET Form Control

Update: 2010-02-05 – Anyone who would like to take a stab at making this the best custom control please post to the forum. I would love to work with someone on this project, I have started to see other applications poping up with the LCARS interface but most if not all are not open source. Also in care there is any question about the name “MHCoreLibrary” it is only there because it goes right into my namespace when developing applications. If anyone has any better ideas please let me know. Thank You all for your support.

This library brings an alternative Star Trek like style of widgets into your software. Written entirely in VB.NET. This was a project that started because of my love for Star Trek. It was originally started by derkork, lcarsvision. I have since then picked up the project and have written a new framework in VB.NET. If anyone would like to contribute or pickup the project please PM me. You can obtain the source code as well as the DLL by downloading the attachment below.

Features Include:

  • Many Shapes & Sizes
  • Star Trek Sounds(Pings & Beeps) !
  • Dynamic Sounds & Colors When Dropped On A Form

Original ActiveX Control

Our Open Source VB.Net Control